Hair Care in the Summer and Monsoons

Every summer, your hair will grow limp. Most likely, it’ll become ultra-frizzy or the colors in your hair will start to turn brassy. Don’t worry; you’re facing the same problems that most people encounter during summer. Thankfully, there are a number of products available in the market that can help you combat summer hair complaint.

Here’s how you can fix hair in the summer:

1. Humidity can affect hair in a bad way in the summer making your hair wilt. Apply some serum to towel dried hair. This will add volume and also detangle hair.

2. If you don’t have long hair, tie it in a pony tail or a small bun.

3. Color your hair! This pumps up the hair strands and adds volume to your hair.

4. Make sure you take care of your hair depending on the kind of places that you plan to hang out. If you’re heading to the beach, opt for a good salt spray and then tie hair. If you want to add some more body, sprinkle a dry shampoo (or baby powder) at the crown and roots. It soaks up moisture.

Here is how you can keep the frizz out of your hair:

1. Moisturize hair with a deep conditioning shampoo once a week.

2. When you wash your hair, let it air dry.

3. To tame the friziness, opt for a smoothing serum which will envelope your hair and control the frizz and make it smoother.

The sun, chlorine and salt water can also wreck havoc on hair color. Here’s how to keep the damage in control:

1. Wear a hat or bandanna in the sun.

2. Before swimming, rinse hair with tap water. This will cut down on salt and chlorine absorption.
While talking about the monsoons and hair care, make sure you have a balanced routine to deal with monsoon hair blues. Here’s how you can keep hair well groomed.

If you get caught under a cloudburst make sure you wash your hair with a shampoo and lightly conditioner when you get back home.

Different kinds of hair react differently to different conditions. Normal to oily hair tends to get greasy during the monsoons, while dry hair tends to frizz. Beat the greasiness by washing your tresses every few days with a daily use or mild shampoo.

To combat frizziness you can wash and condition your hair as always and then follow up with some gentle blow drying and end with some anti-frizz serum.

Avoid using hair styling products such as mousse, hair gels and wax. These clump up and become ineffective in contact with moisture laden air. Worse still they can become dust magnets in a storm, working hair into a dry, frizzy, tangled mess.

Essentials for At-Home Hair Trimming – Professional Hair Shears

We have all been there, your bangs are getting long and scraggily and your split ends are getting out of control. Or your son keeps bumping into the furniture because his hair is hanging too far into his eyes. Ideally, you would take yourself and your son to a professional hair dresser to fix these problems, but you keep putting it off until the problem can no longer be ignored. It is at this point that you decide to take matters into your own hands and trim up all the heads of hair in your household. To take on such a task, there are a few essential tools you will need.

  1. Water bottle: When hair is dry, it is hard to get it all in the same place to snip cleanly. By wetting down the area that needs to be trimmed, the hair will be matted down and easier to see the line you wish to cut or trim.
  2. Professional hair scissors: Your grandma may have used the same scissors to cut fabric and your dad’s hair, but that is not the case now. Investing in a quality pair of hair scissors will come in handy when your mane has grown out of control and just needs a few quick snips to bring it back into shape. Make sure your hair scissors are sharp and kept in a safe place away from water and other contaminants. You can find professional hair scissors at a variety of prices and in drug stores as well as professional hair product stores.
  3. Fine-toothed comb: To gather the hair into one area, in a smooth formation, a fine-toothed comb will do the trick. Combs with wider gaps between the teeth will not provide as smooth of a surface in which to snip. Fine tooth combs also range in price and can be found at drugstores as well as professional hair product stores.
  4. Mirror: This may seem like a no brainer, but always cut hair in front of a large mirror, such as the mirror in your bathroom. Never try to free hand hair without a mirror.
  5. Non-carpeted area: A non-carpeted area will be easier to sweep excess hair from, rather than dragging out your vacuum cleaner after you have finished. Even after you have vacuumed, fine pieces of hair will cling to your rug, so it is best to cut hair on linoleum, tiled or hardwood floors.
  6. Cape or towel with clip: Like they do at the hair salon, you will want to cover yourself or your subject with a cape or a towel to keep pieces of fine hair from getting down your back an into your clothes.

There are many other products which are helpful to do-it-yourself hair cutting or trimming, but using the essentials of water bottle, hair scissors, a fine-toothed comb, mirror, a non-carpeted area and a cape/towel, your hair cutting experience will be on its way to successful.

Haircuts For Men

Fashion is not only restricted for women only, it is the way we all human beings live with style and good looks.

When we talk about trends and style in fashion then so many things come into our mind, dress, shoes, hair styles and other accessories. Hair styles plays really very important role in describing our personality.  We can easily predict somebody’s way of living and thinking through his/her hair style.

Before some time, men didn’t pay so much attention towards their hair-cut, but time has changed. Now-a-days men are equally conscious about their hair-cuts, as like women. Men are adopting latest & unique hair styles and mostly prefer to go for hair stylists. Almost every men of every class go to the hair stylist, according to their satisfaction & affordability. It means that no matters to some renowned and specialized hair stylist or to their local hair salon, men are also taking serious concerns regarding their self grooming. Particularly people belongs to the fashion industry are more concern and touchy about their complete perfect look.

Here we have some men’s hair styles tips for you to adopt and to get inspired.

Haircuts are significant in this respect too that it shapes your face as well. Always adopt the hair-cut which suits your face, body structure and age particularly. Like for example, if you are a man with long & broad body structure, then too short hair-cut would not look nice. Heavy hair-cuts will go with your physical or outer looks and vice-versa. Similarly, if you are a much sober and decent man from inside then it’s good if you will have the same type of hair style. Although neither it is necessary nor it is a hard & fast rule but even then it is good to consider.

Now there is a list of different hair-cuts; you can adopt and change any one by keeping in mind the above scales. Like for example, hair styles for long, for curly, for heavy hair, short styles, medium hair styles, bob hair styles,cornrows, razor cut hair style, Caesar cut, flat top, layered, shaved, crew, 2009 mullets, faux hawks, micro braids, emo boys hair styles, prom, formal, straight, 2009 Japanese, Mahican,spikes, wavy, bangs, brush, fringe, flat top, crunch style, Asian hair cuts, and interesting rough hair style is also here in a list to give you a unique look. Spikes are more common among the teenagers or college boys.

There are so many ways available these days, for selecting the right hair style for you. like fashion magazines and Television fashion & magazine shows provides you the better platform through which you can choose the best one for you with the expert’s advice.

Also coloring the different shades will also help you to re-shape your hair-cuts. The biggest advantage of coloring is that it alleviates the hair texture by filling in and relaxing out the cuticle. But do not forget that your hair color and your hair style too will give the more realistic or natural look rather than over artificial looks.

Another important tip for your convenience is that always prefer the hair style, which will take your less time to re-set. Especially, if you are a professional man of so many tasks and want to consume less time in styling your hair-cut with good looks.