How To Increase Your Energy With The Natural Raw Food Lifestyle!

Who of us have never suffered from mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slumps? For most of us, this is a daily occurrence. Many try to fight this war by consuming sugary foods or caffeine to help wake them up and make them feel more energized. Although this can work for a period of time, a person will find themselves craving more and more sugar and caffeine as soon as their energy begins to diminish again, which is why sugar and caffeine are notorious for being addictive stimulants! But there is a way to fix those energy slumps and increase your energy naturally! This can easily be achieved by eating a diet high in fresh raw food and energy juices!

What does the raw food lifestyle mean?

The raw food lifestyle is a diet based primarily on fresh raw foods comprising of fruits, vegetables, berries, juices, avocado, nuts, seeds and cacao. A person can choose to go mostly raw (for example, 85% raw) or 100% raw, depending on their circumstances.

Why Does The Raw Food Diet Increase energy?

The raw food diet offers so many amazing benefits – too many to list in this article! However, I have come up with the following three points to highlight why raw food is so ideal for fighting fatigue and increasing energy – in a natural manner!

1. Nutrient-rich:

Raw food is nutrient-rich, which means that it provides generous amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fibre. This means that your body will be fed optimal amounts of nutrients and you will therefore feel less tired during the day. The average person’s diet consists of zero-nutrient foods, which are a leading cause of drowsiness and energy slumps.

2. No Heavy Foods:

You will not be eating heavy foods such as meat, cheese, milk and oily foods which are infamous energy zappers! Most people feel drowsy and tired after heavy meals containing these foods. And because these foods are hard-to-digest, the body is working in overload trying to digest your meal and therefore are left feeling totally zapped and energy deprived!

3. Easy-to-digest (water-based) foods:

Fresh fruits, vegetables and juices are water-based, so they are easy on the digestive system. This means that your energy won’t be seized away from your body trying to digest its food! Your body will instead, keep its energy storehouse for you to use!

What Foods In Particular Increase Energy?

All fresh fruits are great for an energy boost due to their high natural sugar content. Bananas in particular are excellent due to their high carbohydrate and sugar levels. This is why athletes love to eat bananas before a workout – to help their bodies perform at its peak and to endure during the exercise!

Eat More Raw Foods!

The raw food lifestyle is clearly ideal to increase a person’s energy in a natural (healthy, drug-free) manner. Whether you decide to go 50% raw, 85% raw or 100% raw, I guarantee that you will notice immense changes in your energy levels and you will find yourself starting to get tired at night time only!